Internet As It Should Be
— Waoo

Waoo challenges the ordinary with attitude, confidence and curiosity. The films consist of a series of visual metaphors and icons, all of which represent Waoo’s products.

From start to finish, I had the privilege of working on this project, alongside my talented colleagues at ccccccc. In the initial stages, we focused on creating playful 2D animations that truly captured the essence of Waoo. As the project evolved, we collaborated with Frame to bring our vision to life in a dynamic 3D universe.

My role - 2D & 3D Animation, Illustration, Storyboard




Agency — Uncle Grey

Production — ccccccc, Frame & Uncle Grey

Design & Art Direction — Michael Mandrup

Creative Direction — Nicolaj Larsson & Michael Mandrup

Producer — Martin Axelsson & Thomas Bay

2D Animation — Philip von Borries & Mathias Nielsen

3D Animation — Frederik Wiedel, Jacob Linnemann, Martin Kundby, Mathias Nielsen, Rita Louro & Sacha Wechselmann

Lighting & Texturing — Rita Louro, Simon Kämpfer & Jacob Linnemann

Illustration — Philip von Borries & Mathias Nielsen

Copywriter — Kristian Skjoldborg

Sound Design — Sono Sanctus

Music — Andreas Asingh